Diabetes Research Studies in Ontario

Diabetes Research Study in Toronto – Dr. Ronnie Aronson @ Diabetes Toronto (LMC)
Diabetes Research Study in HamiltonDr. Richard Tytus
Diabetes Research Study in Thornhill – Dr. Ronald Goldenberg
Diabetes Research Study in Oakville – Dr. David Twum-Barima
Diabetes Research Study in Etobicoke – Dr. Hasnain Khandwala
Diabetes Research Study in Barrie – Dr. Suzan Abdel-Salam
Diabetes Research Study in Markham – Dr. Sorin Beca
Diabetes Research Study in Brampton – Dr. Harpreet Bajaj

Diabetes Research Studies in Quebec

Diabetes Research Study in Montreal – Dr. Nouhad Saliba (Ces spécialistes du diabète parlent aussi le français!)

Diabetes Research Studies Show Considerable Promise

There is no doubt that diabetes research studies have been helpful in understanding many aspects of this disease. While this may give hope to those who suffer from this debilitating illness there have been challenges in incorporating the positive results of these diabetes research studies into effective clinical practice.

diabetes research studies

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The American Diabetes Association acknowledges that there are huge gaps between the results of clinical trials and clinical practice. This Association reports that the diabetes research studies to date have been encouraging but the jump to effective clinical practice based on these studies has yet to be made effectively in many cases.

One study at the University of Chicago which focused on translating the results of the diabetes research studies into quality health care and successful outcomes indicated that there was a lag in transmitting the results of the diabetes research studies into effective treatment for a primary target group of patients.

At the University of Chicago researchers have made efforts to effect change in certain populations as a result of the diabetes research studies. These programs have been directed at African-Americans and Hispanics with some moderate success.
Weight loss and educational programs have been used to focus on the inroads of this disease in these specific populations. A lack of funds to support these programs has been a handicap. While diabetes research studies have provided promising avenues for preventing and controlling this disease, funding issues have been a problem in translating the results in to effective action.

Some diabetes research studies have shown the efficacy of both glucose and blood pressure control in those suffering from diabetes. Other diabetes research studies have shown that lipid control and aspirin therapy are promising avenues for improving the health of those dealing with the ravages of diabetes. But the American Diabetes Association acknowledges that a more comprehensive approach to care, and a shift in the way many patients are being treated is required before doctors can effectively use the promising results of many diabetes research studies.

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