Juvenile diabetes is also known as Type 1, or insulin-dependent diabetes. People with juvenile diabetes must inject insulin several times a day. The mission of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is to find a cure for this potentially deadly disease and as such has been the largest charitable funder and advocate for juvenile diabetes research. Over the years the diabetes research foundation has provided over one billion dollars in direct funding of juvenile diabetes research.

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Throughout history, diabetes has been a leading cause of death by disease. Even with the use of insulin it has been estimated that approximately half a million North Americans die as a result of diabetes or related complications. This tragic fact provides momentum for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in its quest to find a cure for the disease.

In its search for a cure, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation provides funds for the most cutting-edge research worldwide. Recently the Foundation provided funding for more than 500 research grants to scientists in 19 countries.

The main goal of juvenile diabetes research is to control blood sugar levels, to keep them in the normal range to avoid the complications associated with diabetes such as heart and kidney disease, stroke, blindness and amputation.

The foundation for diabetes research has published the warning signs for type 1 diabetes. They include: extreme thirst, frequent urination, sudden vision changes, increased appetite, sudden weight loss, drowsiness and heavy laboured breathing. If anyone is experiencing a number of these symptoms they should see a doctor for further testing to determine if they have juvenile diabetes. Research is the key to finding a cure for this crippling disease but until that cure is found the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will continue in its goal to maintain the quality of life for those who suffer from juvenile diabetes.

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