Diabetes Clinical Trials Offer Hope for Diabetics

diabetes clinical trials

Image: Hope: Diabetes Supplies Art By Manny Hernandez

Diabetes clinical trials promise to provide new methods of prevention and treatment of this debilitating disease.
Diabetes clinical trials are research studies in which new treatments such as drugs, diagnostics or vaccines are tested in people to see if they are effective.

The Banting and Best Diabetes Centre at the University of Toronto suggests that there are a number of questions that anyone should consider before participating in a diabetes clinical trial. Some of these questions are: What is the study about? Who is conducting the study? Who is paying for it? What benefits can I hope to receive by participating in a diabetes clinical trial? What follow up will I receive? How will I be protected?

It is important that you discuss the answers to these questions with your doctor before participating in a diabetes clinical trial. Legitimate clinical trials will have been found acceptable to ethics review boards sponsored by an accredited academic institution, a major hospital, or a government agency. For the most part, diabetes clinical trials are an excellent avenue for finding new or improved treatments and pushing back the unknowns in this crippling disease.

There are a number of excellent sources for information on diabetes clinical trials. Two of the best are the Canadian Diabetes Association website, www.diabetes.ca and www.clinicaltrials.gov a service of the U.S. National Institute of Health. The later lists 121,021 clinical trials in 179 countries. Both sites provide information on recent areas of diabetes research so that you can determine the areas that are of interest in diabetes clinical trials.

Since Banting and Best discovered insulin in Toronto in 1921, the range of diabetes clinical trials in Canada has been extensive. Diabetes clinical trials funded by the Canadian Diabetes Association has contributed to key advances in the mapping and understanding of the disease. The goal of all this research has been to find a cure and improve the quality of life of people living with diabetes.