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5 Tips For Eating Out With Diabetes

Do you love eating out, but are worried about being unable to control your blood glucose? Eating […]

Olympians With Diabetes

Olympians Face Health Problems Too, Even Diabetes Written By: Basia Cybart Not all athletes are the picture of […]

Surgeon Inserting Tube Into Patient During Surgery

Saying “Hello” to Islet Transplants, and “Goodbye” to Needles

By: Basia Cybart The islets of Langerhans or islets are irregularly shaped patches of endocrine tissue located […]

List of Type 2 Diabetes Medications

Type 2 Diabetes Medication Reference Charts

Researched and Prepared By: Basia Cybart

Recently, not only have new medications to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus been introduced into the market, but these medications work in entirely different ways than conventional medications and are organized in different classifications.